The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf: XU Edition
  Sporting the scarf at International Coffee Hour on Wednesday 2/29, hosted by Interfaith Community Engagement!

  Sporting the scarf at International Coffee Hour on Wednesday 2/29, hosted by Interfaith Community Engagement!

Comfort Zones and Connections

I’ve been wearing the sisterhood scarf for almost a week now.  I’ll be honest, I was hesitant to don a SEQUINED scarf every day.  I tend to wear mostly earth tones, and really don’t ever wear scarves.  In fact, a student commented on my colorful outfit when one day I wore —- gasp —- a RED shirt!  So, every day when I come into work, I ask my co-worker to help me put it on.  This week, for me, has been about connections.  Perhaps wearing the scarf and thinking about the stories of the other women who wore it and will wear it has made me more in tune with connections.  There are the connections that are forming through being a little more open to conversation with people I don’t know.  When I see someone wearing a scarf, I think (and sometimes ask), “Is that the traveling scarf?”  We chat for a minute and wish each other a good day.  Then, yesterday, I attended a new pre-natal yoga class. I arrived early since I was new to the studio.  While chatting with the teacher, we learned that my co-worker at XU is dating her son!  “We call that karma,” she said with a smile. 

I passed the scarf along today. All of my friends recognized that I kept wearing the same scarf for a week. I explained the process to them and they really liked the idea of it. No one that I haven’t met before or any of my professors asked me why I was wearing the same scarf, which I was kind of surprised about. I mean after seeing me 3x a week, they can recognize my style and what I like to wear. I wish that I had a little more response to my scarf. Hopefully other people will have different experiences about it & get to share!!

Sparkles, sparkles, & more sparkles around my neck

Sparkles, sparkles, & more sparkles around my neck

This is my 2nd day wearing the scarf! Definitely turning some heads :)

Today is my second day wearing the scarf! Definitely turning some heads :)


Day 6 with the travelling scarf!

I have had my scarf for 6 days now! Wow! funny how time goes by so fast. Meeting Izola was awesome! We talked like we’ve known each other for the longest time!! Funny how after I met her I bumped into her this weekend and said hi! I thought about the fact that if i had never gotten my scarf from her, if we would have never sat down for those 30min to chat we would have just passed each other, she would have just been another lady I bumped into. Because of this scarf; she is not just the lady I bumped into in gallagher. She is Izola and I know something about her. Thanks to the travelling scarf, a bond was made and it’s definitely going to grow!!

This week I hand over my scarf. I’ve gotten s used to having it with me. I’m excited about who I get to pass it on to. I’m excited about the chain we’re making with this scarf! I am sooo excited about being part of this!!!

~Josephine Achieng’ Lando~

So I recieved My scarf from Ms. Chris Newton at the end of last week and I had a blast talking to her.  Can’t believe despite how involved I am and how much I bounce around the campus we’ve never met, but thanks to this amazing program we got to connect. :)


I have enjoyed the traveling scarf and especially the opportunity to meet Erin — WOW!  is she an involved and busy lady!  And then I saw her more times around campus.  Paths always seem to intersect, we just have to know who we are looking for.  It has been very interesting to share the story of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf with other on campus.  I am looking forward to meeting Josephine today or tomorrow and learning about her story, too.

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